Style uniform

A lot of successful high profile business executives and celebrities have a style uniform. Steve Jobs was always seen in a black turtleneck worn with blue jeans and sneakers. Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Kors, Simi Garewal, Rekha, and many others have perfected their personal brand of style. After years of experimenting, once you find the holy grail of style – something that is comfortable and makes you look like a million bucks, you want to feel like that everyday. Do you think these celebrities look timeless or dated in their invariable looks?


Left to right: Rekha, Simi Garewal, Steve Jobs, Michael Kors

I feel that most of us also inadvertently zone in on a style uniform in our lives. For me, its black skinny pants with flowy blouses, leather jackets and flats. As someone with a 9 to 5 job will tell you, comfort is key and having a personal style uniform makes it easier to shop and get dressed everyday. However, its also easy to fall into a style rut. As years pass, our bodies change, trends come and go, and we may discover new looks that flatter us and may welcome a refreshing change. Case in point:


This year, I have decided to invest in different silhouettes – more about that coming up soon. Do any of you feel like you are stuck with your style uniform?

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