Choosing Indian Wear as a Wedding Guest

I just attended my sister’s wedding in India and while shopping for my outfits, I couldn’t wrap my mind around the number of options available today. Everything looks so vibrant and beautifully embellished, its hard to choose something that’s appropriate and that can be worn over and over in the future. So I decided to do a post on how to make the best choice given all the options.

Now, since many of you have seen my social media feed inundated with thousands of pictures, I will not make this a picture heavy post. So where do you start and how do you choose?

Make a list

It helps to know how many outfits you plan on buying in order to set a budget. I knew I am going to buy three outfits and for additional events recycle from my existing wardrobe.

Traditional vs Modern

Since I don’t live in India, I decided to stick to timeless, traditional outfits that can be reused years from now. If you think you will attend many Indian theme events in the near future, go ahead and shop the trends.


Indian wear is all about color and bling. General rule of thumb (as a guest in a wedding) is …more color…less bling. It’s also important to choose a color that flatters you based on your skin tone. For night events, choose jewel tones and metallic colors – basically anything shiny. For daytime events, pastels and bright colors look the best in pictures. To choose a color according to your skin tone use this handy guide and google celebrities with your skin tone for inspiration –

If you are pale – cool pinks, purple, cool pastels and other deep jewel tones

If you are caramel/medium – warm pinks, peach, yellows

If you are dark skinned – warm pastels, deep greens


Everyone knows sarees are flattering on all shapes and sizes. Mermaid, column and trumpet silhouetted gowns may not be flattering from all angles. When in doubt, choose fit and flare.

For the Sangeet event, I decided to go with a cream lehenga with a yellow brocade blouse and a peach dupatta. D matched with me in his yellow brocade kurta (it was a last minute coincidence!). For the cocktail event, I wore a shaded pink embellished saree that my in-laws gifted me with a retro hairdo and a sparkly clutch. For the main event, I wore a soft peach lehenga with gold  kundan jewelry and a traditional clutch.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments..and Happy Shopping!

One thought on “Choosing Indian Wear as a Wedding Guest

  1. That’s brilliant advice. The section that talks about the colors that suit specific skin tones is pretty much spot on ! Good one Shruti ! 🙂 Eagerly waiting for your next one.


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