Spring cleaning my closet

All of us have faced the age old dilemma – A wardrobe overflowing with clothes, but nothing to wear. A lot of us are hoarders, we hang on to things that don’t fit us today but may look great on us after we lose those pesky 5 pounds. Sometimes we gravitate towards a particular silhouette or color and keep buying different variations of it. And then there are those on-trend pieces that we wore once but aren’t quite sure about wearing again.

After buying a red dress online and realizing that I already have the exact same dress (with tags on!), I decided to take stock of what I own and pare it down to things I love. If you are in the same boat as me as you pack up your winter wear and prepare your spring wardrobe, here’s a handy flowchart to help you –


Via Vogue

I began by emptying the contents of my entire wardrobe on the bed. In the back, I found a ton of shoes that I had worn once, put back in boxes and never worn again. Needless to say, D is quite horrified at the state of our guest room. However, there is method in this madness and using the flowchart above, I sorted all my clothes in neat piles.

As of today, I have 5 bags of clothes to donate and my closet looks a lot leaner. I also have a lot of new ideas about using clothes/shoes that were underused. Most importantly, I have a better idea about the missing pieces in my closet and can shop with more focus! This is going to take me a few weeks to sort through and I will share my progress in subsequent posts.

Have any of you cleaned out your wardrobe recently? Leave me a message below if you have any tips or tricks to streamline this process.

One thought on “Spring cleaning my closet

  1. This is brilliant !!
    My closet is overflowing with clothes too, and yet I find myself wearing the same things again and again. So, I’m going to keep your flowchart to help me out. 🙂

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