Reed Krakoff x Kohl’s Review

Reed Krakoff bags are gorgeous, well made, celebrity favorites and expensive! The brand  stopped its manufacturing operations as of early 2015 and the bags are difficult to find now. So when a collaboration between Kohl’s and Reed Krakoff was announced, I was ecstatic to see the collection. There have been some mixed reactions with people unhappy that the Kohl’s collection bags look too similar to the high end ones. Reed Krakoff bags retail in the upwards of $1300 and the price point of the Kohl’s collection is in the $100 range. The three most loved styles – Boxer, Atlantique and RK-40 have all been represented in the collection.

My favorite style has always been the RK-40. With gorgeous colors, this structured bag promises to be the perfect work bag.

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So how does the RK x K bag look in real life? I bought a RK-40 in a gorgeous green and it’s beautiful in person. The faux leather is of surprisingly good quality and the bag is very light to carry. Can people tell it’s not the high end Krakoff? Yes. Is it still a good bag? Yes!


I haven’t tried on any of the clothes in the collection because I was super excited about the bags. Do any of you have any thoughts on the collection or have bought anything? Share in the comments below.

Check out the collection here.

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