Quirky Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city right out of a Pixar movie. The dark hued canal houses with their large windows add a dramatic flair to the city’s landscape. These tall and skinny canal houses are also tilted, leaning left, right or forward. We stayed at The Hoxton, which is located on the Herengracht canal and is walking distance to all the attractions.

The property used to be the Mayor’s home and has now been converted to a boutique hotel. The weather in July was perfect to explore the city, stop to buy some cheese and enjoy it with some wine. Apart from visiting all the tourist sights, you have to try the Indonesian food which is exceptionally good here. Have you ever visited Amsterdam? Leave me a comment below and tell me if you loved this city.

Leaning canal houses of Amsterdam
Wearing – Jumpsuit – Forever21, Trench – Zara, Bucket bag – J Crew, Shoes – Aldo, Sunnies – Dolce & Gabbana
The Hoxton hotel is conveniently located on the Herengracht cabal


Dutch people like their fries with mayo
The famous seven bridges of Reguliersgracht
Beautiful Amsterdam
So much cheese everywhere


More leaning houses

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