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Boston Love – Cafe Sushi

When I first moved to Boston two years ago, I  expressed a mild dislike for the city to who ever will listen. I moved here from New Jersey, where there was an abundance of Indian food and lack of rush hour traffic (at least where I lived). Boston was like a sudden shock to the system. There were so many people everywhere, in a perpetual rush to get places. Driving in the city with its narrow tortuous streets was stressful and all the good seafood (which I am allergic to) was not enough for me to fall in love with this city. As it has happened to many people before me, Boston slowly but surely lured me in. I began noticing beauty everywhere I went. I found restaurants where people treated me like family. I made friends. From now on, I will feature a piece about the general Boston area in the ‘Boston Love’ series regularly on here to showcase my growing appreciation for the city.

Today’s feature is technically in the city of Cambridge. One of the first restaurants I visited here was Cafe Sushi. Since I am allergic to seafood, my sushi intake has been limited and not all meals have been memorable. We had heard rave reviews for this place from D’s colleagues and were excited to try some. Cafe Sushi is a Japanese family owned restaurant located on Mass Ave between Central and Harvard Squares. They won Best of Boston, Sushi for two years in a row (2013 and 2014) and remain a local favorite.

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming front. People line up for dinner the second the restaurant opens for dinner at 5:30 pm. The best way to enjoy a meal here is to get an omakase (translates to ‘i leave it up to you’). Chef Seizi Imura’s selection of one exquisite sushi plate after another will blow your senses.

Having been here a few times, we always order our favorite nigiri sushi – the Salmon Aburi. Aburi style sushi is seared on top with a blowtorch, and is partially raw, creating a smokey and creamy flavor. Just looking at its picture below is making me hungry.

Another favorite of mine is a vegetarian nigiri – the Seared Avocado with truffle oil, salt, and lemon juice, which is delicious. We always finish our meal with green tea ice-cream, which is from Christina’s Ice Cream in Cambridge.

Other vegetarian options are impressive as well. I couldn’t ever imagine okra and mushrooms in sushi form but they did not disappoint.

Have any of you been here? Leave me a comment and tell me if you enjoyed the experience.

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