I dream of Provence

When I was a little girl, if you asked me ‘what’s the most beautiful place in the world?’, I would show you a picture of Provence, with rolling hills of purple gold as far as the eye can see. Since then, I have seen many beautiful places in the world and have added countless more on my wish list. But having sampled a bit of Provence recently, I have to say that having my dream come true exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds.

Our day trip to the Provence region began in the city of Avignon. Avignon is 7.5 hours away from Paris by car but the super fast TGV train gets you there in a little under 3 hours.

We started at the crack of dawn to make the most out of our day trip. We rented a car at the Avignon station and started driving towards Valensole. The drive was beautiful and if we had more time, I would have loved to make more stops and explore a little bit more. The lavender fields begin quite suddenly. We didn’t see any purple for miles, but one sharp turn near the village of Valensole and there they were, miles and miles of purple. We found the best fields driving from Valensole to Puimisson. One of the first fields we came across was adjacent to a sunflower field in full bloom. The contrast of yellow and purple was a photographer’s dream. Its impossible to not drive with your windows down, letting the sweet concentrated fragrance permeate everywhere.

Wearing: Lace dress – H&M, Bag – Zara, Shoes – Aldo, Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabbana
I plucked some for the ride home
Sunflower fields
So much happiness

This region is full of quintessential postcard villages such as Roussillon, Lioux and Sault. Since we were short on time, we only visited Gordes, which is known as the most beautiful village in France. I would love to come back and stay for an entire summer here, biking in the mountains surrounded by the flowers, and eating chocolate crepes.

On the way to Gordes
The beautiful perched village of Gordes
Somewhere en route to the top
The photographer in action
Lavender ice cream is delicious
Abbaye Notre-Dame de Senanque

We got a bit hungry and ate at a small food truck in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by lavender. The chocolate crepe and cappuccino were one Euro each and it was the best crepe I have ever had. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend trying the lavender ice cream.

Have you been to Provence? Is it on your wish list too?

2 thoughts on “I dream of Provence

    1. Thank you Swati! Yes, Provence is absolutely beautiful. I believe the lavender is harvested by the end of August, so plan a trip soon! And definitely visit Gordes…it might be my favorite place in France.


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