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Is a designer monogram bag worth the $$$?

Monogram bags are ubiquitous. Whether you are thinking about buying your first one or adding to your collection, you have come to the right place to discuss your obsession.

The most common monogram bag is from Louis Vuitton. I will also place Burberry plaid bags in the same category because the pattern is universally known and is associated with the brand. These bags pictured below are the ‘face’ of these brands and their best sellers. Most of these monogram bags are made from coated canvas. A lot of people feel that they are over priced especially given the material when you could buy a leather bag from the same brand which is more durable (but more expensive).

In my opinion that logic doesn’t really apply to these bags because their leather counterparts are sometimes priced at twice the amount. But are people buying these monogram bags because they’re relatively more economical or because that’s the bag they want?

Left: Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Right: Burberry

These bags from heritage brands such as LV and Burberry have a legacy. You buy these bags because you want to own a piece of history. I am sure there are people who buy these because they are recognizable as status symbols of them having spent lots of $$$.

The Burberry plaid classic bag is tough to style in everyday life in my opinion. Also, I like how the LV’s deeper colors look against Indian clothes. What’s nice is that brands are now bridging gaps between these two tiers. You can still have the monogram look in leather.

 Top: LV Neverfull and LV Montaigne, Bottom: Burberry Banner Check

What about monograms in mid range brands? Michael Kors and Coach monogram bags are also very common. I think its better to invest in the leather counterparts for these bags because they are similarly priced.


Top: Michael Kors Jet Set tote in monogram and leather,  Bottom: Coach Edie bag in monogram and leather

What do you guys feel about monogram bags and do you have one?

2 thoughts on “Is a designer monogram bag worth the $$$?

  1. Unless the monogram is particular pretty (interesting color and texture like some coach bags), I rarely buy a classic monogram bag. They feel more like a status statement than fashion statement to me.

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    1. I agree with you Junshu. More and more I realize that understated well made bags, regardless of which designer made them, are easier to style. Although, I love my LV neverfull because it really is never full – it fits everything 😀.


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