What to pack for a business trip

There are a zillion ‘what to pack for a business trip’ articles out there, but I’ve found that most of them are for women attending off-site meetings or working in an industry which involves working on a desk for a length of time. My work includes a lot of running around and standing for long periods of time, so wearing anything remotely uncomfortable or high heels are a big no no for me. Here are some of my tried and tested tips for a smooth business-related trip:

Proper luggage

I never check-in my luggage. With smart packing and a little bit of editing, everything you need for a week long business trip can fit into a carry-on. This way, you waste no time checking-in your luggage or waiting near the baggage carousel.

What goes in your handbag

A handbag that fits your laptop (charger goes in the carry-on) is the best investment ever. I carry a roomy tote everywhere. Also helpful are small pouches (or ziploc bags) to compartmentalize your bag. Here’s what I carry in my handbag:

A scarf, because I am always cold on the flight

Laptop in a light sleeve (because I spill stuff all the time)

Phone, charger, and headphones

Wallet, tickets, and documents

A toiletries bag including face cream, eye cream, tooth brush and paste, chap stick, breath mints, vitamins, and painkillers

A book on my iPad to pass time

What goes in your carry-on

A bigger toiletries bag – think everything travel size. I stock up from my local pharmacy and keep this bag in my carry-on permanently. I like to keep a sheet mask in there too, it does wonders when you are jet lagged and exhausted.

Comfortable shoes: I wear my favorite loafers while traveling and pack a pair of black flats

Neutral colors: Dark pants in a stretchy, no wrinkle fabric, and light no wrinkle blouses. This way you can pack more blouses and mix + match.

Outerwear: If you are cold in the office environment or if it’s cold outside, I’d pack two neutral cardigans and a coat (that you can wear while traveling to save space)

One business outfit: I like to pack one dressy outfit for a dinner meeting or something else that comes up. Usually a black sheath dress, pumps, and a statement necklace.

Of course, I travel much less than some of the other globetrotting women I know. Do share some of your valuable tips in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “What to pack for a business trip

  1. My big problem always is toiletries. I like travelling only with a carry on suitcase when flying for under-a-week work trip…but it’s always the toiletries and make-up that causes the angst.

    Like all your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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