One day in Albuquerque

Old town Albuquerque is a 10 block long area of adobe buildings surrounding the Old Plaza. If you ever find yourself in this city even for a half day, a stroll in this neighborhood is worth it. There are art galleries, small cafes to sip hot chocolate in and a whole lot of charm. We had lunch at the Church Street Cafe which was originally built as a home for the Ruiz family in 1706. Steps away from this cafe is The Candy Lady which is a fun place even if you are not a Breaking Bad fan. And if you are, you can buy candy that looks like the blue meth on the show (it was even used as prop on the show).

While driving around town, we noticed signs for the Petroglyph National Monument and decided to stop by. It’s 20 minutes away from Old Town and a perfect place to explore the Petroglyphs and have a small picnic. There weren’t many people around and the trails were easy. Here are some pictures!

Bright doors on adobe buildings
Strolling around in Old Town
Cafes with colorful facades
Inviting nooks in Old Town
Spotted at Petroglyph National Monument
Petroglyph National Monument
Exploring the trails

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